Welcome to, the Chevrolet Volt owner site powered by OnStar3. Click the icons below to see how you can plug into your Volt online to access an unprecedented level of real-time data along with remote vehicle commands and critical vehicle diagnostics.

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Get unprecedented access to your Chevrolet Volt's battery and charging controls. You can check on your battery charge level, get your current EV range and total range in miles, update your Charge Mode settings, and download detailed charging reports all through

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EFFICIENCY will soon give owners real-time efficiency data on their Chevrolet Volt in three useful views—the last 7 days, the last 30 days and lifetime. Plus, more detailed reports on everything from overall gas consumption to total kW-hr usage will only be a click away.

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MILEAGE will soon offer owners a detailed view of their Chevrolet Volt's mileage history. Just select a desired timeframe—be it the last week, month or year—to access charts displaying everything from MPG figures to the total number of EV miles you have driven.

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Not sure if you remembered to lock the doors on your Chevrolet Volt? Problem solved. With, you can send a Remote Door Lock command to your Volt.

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Perhaps you left something in your Chevrolet Volt and need a friend to retrieve it? Then click here to send a Remote Door Unlock command to your Volt.

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Want to warm up or cool down the cabin in your Chevrolet Volt, before getting in? No problem. You can send a Remote Start command to your Volt through

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Forgot where you parked and need to locate your Chevrolet Volt? Click here to send a Remote Horn & Lights command to flash your Volt's lights and honk the horn.

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Last Vehicle Command

Check the status of your last Volt command here, including the exact time it was received.



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View key vehicle health information, see where you parked, remote start your vehicle, and more, right from the palm of your hand.



With OnStar eNav, you can send destinations directly to your Chevrolet Volt with MapQuest. Access them anytime, and your directions will start from wherever you are, when you need them.


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